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*Pending Window Repair* S83695-ACRR102 1995 Suzuki Van, 4×4, Automatic, A/C


Make: Suzuki
Model: Carry Van
Year: 1995
Drivetrain: 4×4
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
Exterior Color: Navy
Interior Color: Grey
Engine: 3cyl 660cc Gas
Options: 4×4, A/C, Automatic
Mileage: 28,688 mi (46,169 km)

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Stock #S83695-ACRR102 1995 Street Legal Suzuki Mini Van, 4×4, A/C and is an automatic with only 28,688 original miles! This van is in amazing condition! It is ding and dent free, has no rust or other noteable imperfections. The interior and exterior are gorgeous, it has low miles and the tires have a lot of treat life, truly a unicorn! There is seating to accomodate for 4 people, or the back seats fold down for lots of space for any of your treansporting needs! This van is equip with A/C and heat in the cabin to keep you comfortable in any conditions. It has been completely serviced with full synthetic fluids, oil filter, and an air filter. We have strict guidelines for purchasing in Japan, so the vehicles that we sell are tight and ready for many years of reliable performance. This van is ideal for off-road use, farming, hunting, or a warm trip to the store after it snows! This van comes with a clean NC title which has been applied for and is expeced within several weeks!

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Mayberry Mini Trucks is responsible for mini trucks being street legal in North Carolina. We introduced the legislation and petitioned the governor to sign the bill into law. The NCDMV special titles department requires 8 to 10 weeks to process a title. Mayberry Mini Trucks will follow up with the NCDMV on a regular basis, to make sure the process is completed as soon as administratively feasible.

While many states will transfer a North Carolina title and allow mini trucks to be driven on their roadways, Mayberry Mini Trucks, Inc. makes no claims and bears no responsibility regarding which states will or will not allow mini trucks to operate on their roadways.

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