Parts and Accessories

Mayberry Mini Trucks stocks OEM and aftermarket parts for your Japanese mini truck.  We carry the basic mini truck parts that you will need to keep your truck running well.  If you need a body panel or windshield etc., contact us and we can either have it shipped on our next container or arrange for a special shipment from japan direct.  Contact us or call us so we can help you!   Please provide the make, model, year, and serial number of your truck so we can be sure to correctly match your truck with the right part.

We carry a large inventory of air filters, oil filters, and tune up supplies and parts.

If you need any accessories, we stock some but have availability to many different options. Lift kits, winches, hitches, plows, etc. Just give us a call and we can get you set up!


Lift Kit

Lift Kit $160  Installation $60


Windshields we currently have in our inventory:
New Suzuki DD51T windshields nine count
New Suzuki DB51T windshields seven count
New Honda Acty HA windshields two count
New Daihatsu S83P windshields six count
All of the new windshields listed above, are $250 each. If they are picked up, they are subject to 7% sales tax. They can be shipped, but they must be crated, the fee is $75 per crate, all North Carolina purchases, whether they are picked up or shipped are subject to 7% sales tax. Actual shipping cost is to be determined by weight, dimensions and ZIP Code. Windshields are shipped UPS ground.

Need Tires?

Do you need a new set of treads for your Japanese Mini Truck?  Mayberry Mini Trucks carries new Yokohama Super Digger Mud/Snow tires.  The Super Digger Mud/Snow tire has a moderate tread design which, will gives you that extra edge when you need the traction, yet not too loud on the road! The Yokohama is imported from Japan.  They start at $400 for a set of four.  They are difficult to import the US but we generally have them in our inventory.  They are just what you need for that near perfect balance between on/off road and will give you that OEM fit and look.

Looking for an off road tire for your Mini Truck?  We’re happy to help!  Give us a call and we can discuss your application and help determine which off road tire for your existing 12″ steel rim best suits your needs.  Mayberry Mini Trucks no longer offers Aluminum “Mag” wheels because they are no longer available.  Most Japanese Mini Trucks use either a 4-100mm, 4-110mm, or a 4-115mm bolt pattern.  Beginning in mid-2019 the wheel manufactures ceased production of the aluminum 12x7x23 wheel.  We have looked high and low and all the suppliers are told the same thing by the wheel manufacturer…”we’re not making them anymore”.  As a result, we try to find something that will fit the steel wheel that comes on the truck.  

Perhaps you can use two sets of tires and wheels.  Many people have a set of wheels with the Yokohama Super Digger tires for most any application and a set of wheels with off road tires for off road applications  You can swap back and forth based on your needs.  They take very little time to change if you have a few of the basic tools. 

We also offer used wheel/tire sets.  They are easy to ship and when they arrive,simply put your replacement wheels on in about five minutes!  No tire mounting necessary!  Prices start at $250 per set and we carry used wheel/tire sets for almost all makes and models of Japanese mini trucks.

Oil Cooling Kit for Mini Trucks

Not that there are any problems with oil cooling on a KEI truck, we’ve had some customers ask about additional cooling for the lubrication system.  Here is a kit that will relocate your oil filter, and a cooling device dedicated strictly for your engine oil, and cause the oil to return to the engine significantly cooler.

Price $570.00




Hitch / Rear Bumper for Suzuki $275 installed

Hitch reinforcements supports $40 extra