Thanks Dwight in Georgia!

Thanks, Chuck!

Thanks, Matt!

Thanks, Mike!

Positive experience from beginning to end. Both Tony and Stephanie were extremely helpful throughout the buying process and flexible when I needed them to hold the truck for me until I was able to receive it. I wouldn’t look anywhere else to buy a mini truck. These guys are the best!

Just a little update and a pic on our van!!! We love it sooo much thanks again!!! Every were we drive it people want to know and we tell them about you guys!!!!

Our Mazda Scrum from Mayberry Mini Trucks is hands down the most versatile and essential tool on our farm. We’re not sure how we made it this long without having one! You won’t regret doing business with Tony. He’s a phone call away for questions, parts or just to catch up. Wonderful folks to do business with.
Jim King

Fireside at Oakley Farm

We had a great experience working with Mayberry Mini Trucks. Tony and Stephanie were super helpful and very accommodating. They took us through every inch of the vehicle before we decided to purchase it.  Follow-up and delivery was seamless and reasonably priced.

Wolfe Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment

I bought my 1995 Suzuki Carry from Mayberry Mini Trucks and absolutely love it. If you want a huge selection of mini trucks, this is the place. These vehicles are truly the best bargains out there and the best part is they are street legal. Mine is a great farm vehicle and climbs like a goat. Stephanie knows all about the trucks and is a pleasure to deal with and they have a lovely farm with plenty of trails to get acquainted with these durable little beasts. 
Bruce Washer

Just a few words of thanks for the great work you guys did in providing me with my Subaru Sambar. Love the mini-trucks and this one is the best one that I have owned so far. Keep up the good work. You folks are the only “used vehicle” dealers that I have ever trusted.
Jim B

Hello Stephanie and Tony!
I am writing to tell you both how happy I am with my 1992 Subaru Sambar Mini Truck!
The entire shopping experience has been a great adventure. Browsing your informative website, phone calls, and conversations with both of you, my numerous questions answered with knowledge & patience, documentation as promised, and lastly the flawless delivery of my mini truck by Tony.  Absolutely everything has been handled with honesty, integrity, and accuracy.
Thank you both for your excellent service at Mayberry Mini Truck.  You have made this vehicle purchase a pleasure.
Jerrine Mullon

Tony and Stephanie made the whole process very easy and straightforward. From finding the right truck to fit my needs, getting additional info and answering all my questions, up to having the truck sitting in my driveway, it’s been a pleasurable experience.

I recently bought this truck from Mayberry Mini Trucks. I was in the market for one of these little trucks and saw the YouTube videos Tony had uploaded. After a couple of test drives, it was easy to make up my mind. I don’t think it’s common to make new friends when shopping for a used vehicle, but I ended up doing just that. Tony and Stephanie (and family) were super folks to do business with. Very courteous and knowledgeable, they took the time to answer any questions I had. No pressure and I enjoyed the experience. I highly recommend Mayberry Mini Trucks to you if you’re in the market for one of these baby trucks. Here they are running a good business, and I think you will be satisfied you visited!

Mark S.

Mayberry mini trucks is a wonderful place to buy from. Their knowledge and years of experience take out lots of guesswork. Their confidence in their product shows from the very first call to them and is only matched by the friendly family environment. Unlike other dealers, they select choice pieces for shipping, and real detail is key for their customers. Thanks again, Mayberry Mini Trucks, for the time and effort you put into the products you not only sell but stand behind.

Mr Shepherd

We had specific needs for our van, Mayberry delivered, quite literally. The van that we ended up with met every need that we had. The purchase as well as the registration process was seamless as a result of the experience that Mayberry brings with the purchase. Could not be more pleased!

Robb P

We love our Truck (Little Mule) Thank you so much for such a smooth transaction. It’s a real head turner and so much fun.

Tyson and Marian

Mayberry Minitrucks made my first mini truck-buying experience smooth and enjoyable.  The incredible selection of trucks they have on-site is outstanding, and almost overwhelming!  I felt very comfortable asking any and all “newbie” questions during my visit and test drives.   I absolutely LOVE my very first minitruck, and the decision to go with this vehicle type for use around the farm and to/from our local town was a perfect choice.  Our property is extremely hilly, and the Suzuki Carry handles it with ease and power to spare!  The extra-large bed space is a great reason to go with this type of farm truck all by itself, but it is so much more!!!    I would not hesitate to purchase from Mayberry again, and look forward to sharing about my positive buying experience with others when we hit the streets with my Suzuki Carry!


Mayberry trucks were very nice to deal with.  They were happy to talk about what I wanted on the phone and delivery was an easy way to make the purchase considering we live a couple of hours away.  Thanks, Mayberry Mini Trucks.

Bill Baddorf

President, Artisan Stone Works, LLC.

Mayberry Mini Trucks is like ATV Disneyland crossed with Chick-fil-a. The trucks are cute little work-a-holics, and the staff is friendly enough that I want to come back just to hang out. Anyway, I am pleased with my mini-truck which has been dubbed “La Tuya” in memory of my Grandpa. I hope to drive this little truck for decades to come.
Israel S

“I first became enamored with Kei trucks when I lived in Japan but didn’t think getting one in the US would be possible. After more than a little research, I realized that it not only was possible but that Mayberry Mini Trucks had the best reputation for expertise and customer service. My experience of buying my dream truck–during a pandemic!–was made easy and satisfying by Tony and Stephanie.
Before I made my final decision, Tony answered all my questions by calling me from the truck. He is extremely patient and generous with his time. I never felt rushed to make a decision. Tony transported my Sambar up to Massachusetts himself and answered even more questions during the handoff. I value his insight and tips about driving and owning the truck. Stephanie has been super helpful in explaining the company’s safety protocols and title transfer.
Mayberry Mini Trucks has experience with only buying Kei trucks straight from Japan and tuning them up in their shop, and it shows! I’m thrilled that I could buy the exact truck I wanted without being limited to the used vehicles in my market. I couldn’t be happier with my truck. If I’m lucky enough to need another Kei truck, I know who to call first.
Todd B

Hi Tony and Stephanie, I just wanted to thank you for your help in deciding on the right mini-truck for my needs.  You were able to answer all my questions knowledgeable and once I had selected the one I wanted the prompt delivery was appreciated. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.


Scott B

Mayberry mini trucks are doing it better than anybody. I have shopped for a mini truck for over 3 years ,  my experience was tiresome  to say the least. When you find some one selling them you are lucky if they have 6 or so vehicles. Most of them will have 60 to 80 k miles on them or much more and in very rough condition. I was so discouraged by the lack of availability that I looked into importing my own, which can be done. After a lot of time and energy wasted on all that I found a small family run business in NC who had a few listed. My dad and I went to visit the very next Saturday in the rain and freezing cold. I was Greeted by Stephanie and her son both of who helped me . First of all I was taken back by the number of trucks not 6 or 8 but close 60. Every single brand represented at one place. Second the quality and condition of their inventory was outstanding as well as the knowledge and enthusiasm they have . I was able to drive numerous trucks of different brands at one time to get a better comparison. After that we were standing around discussing the trucks trying to narrow down to one which was no easy task. While Stephanie was showing us some of the finer points most people over look we heard something coming down the road to the house. Suddenly a vehicle appeared and she said that is was Tony coming back from the tire shop. I stood there in amazement watching an slightly oversized mini truck coming at me and it was diesel. Upon closer inspection I saw it was also a dually with 4×4 and a dump bed it had just arrived and was available. I was excited to put it mildly , the decision of which one to take home was changing right there. Tony and I discussed this vehicle then he proceeded to show me other areas of the operation and rims and tires he had available for all his trucks. We discussed their servicing process which is rare so many other dealers won’t even change the oil some don’t even know how to find the dip stick. Dad and I wanted think over and discuss in private what was our best suited option so we left for the day. On Monday I call to make the deposit and discuss terms and delivery. Both Tony and Stephanie assisted me taking a small deposit to cover the modest delivery fee of $240 for a 3 + hour drive one way . The truck was delivered to me on Friday after work and it all went as promised and was so very easy. I am now the proud owner of a mazda bongo brawny dually dump truck and a very small part of mini truck culture. Wether out pulling shrubs in my yard or driving it to work I drive it with a smile. My truck is useful but fun and everyone that sees it has comment mostly how cool it is. I have to say it’s because of the Childs family and their wonderful little truck business as was able to find and buy the truck of my dreams.
Doug Alis SC

Let me just say I was skeptical of buying a Japanese mini truck to start with.  After talking to Tony about the trucks in general I could tell he knew what he was talking about. He was very patient with me and my questions. He answered everything and was very nice to talk to. When he arrived with the truck he had a smile, that’s always good to see but, I don’t think it was bigger than mine! Tony and Stephanie are really good people and will definitely recommend to my friends! Thanks again Tony !
Tim R

Stephanie was so kind and answered all of my questions honestly. The folks at Mayberry really want to help you find the truck to suit your needs. The thoroughness of their inspection and service prior to showing made the choice easy. Thanks to the whole family at Mayberry!
Scout D

She’s perfect in every way!!! Thank y’all so much!!!!! 

I bought the Subaru Sambar Supercharged van from you Saturday and finally made it home to have some fun with it. I was very surprised how well at handles beach sand with the 4 wheel drive. (seriously it never spun a tire). Thank you again for everything. You guys are the best. 
Got the windows tinted”  Jim says “he plans to do some kind of a camping build out”. He will keep us posted with more photos and videos. 

Thank you so so much!!! What a great buy, I’m using it on my rural mountain roads. Snow, ice and mud works great!!! Passing stuck cars and trucks in the ditch. Thanks again!!!

Rural Mail Carrier, USPS

Purchased this from Tony with mayberryminitrucks.com. Absolutely terrific to do business with. Very friendly and made me feel like I was the top priority with every interaction we had. The truck is top quality in the Japanese Kei truck segment. I also took advantage of the tire/wheel package he had available and while one tire has an issue, I have no doubts it will be fine with Tony’s dedication to putting his customers first. He listened to my needs and put me in a perfect truck for my business!

We recently worked with Tony on buying a Suzuki mini truck….we can honestly say that he made it a wonderful, very uncomplicated in business relationship which we now feel turned into a great friendship. He’s honest and everything he represented was exactly as he presented it. We’re thankful to have found him and we will certainly be return customers.
William Bingham

Binghamtown Baptist Church Middlesboro Kentucky

We love all that Suzuki does for us on the farm!
Jim and Catie King Fireside at Oakley Farm

We loved working with Stephanie and Tony to purchase our new little truck.
They are kind, honest and knowledgeable.
They went above and beyond to support us during this effort to grow our business. They have helped with transport and navigated any questions we had. They have checked in to make sure we are happy!
Fantastic small business!

“Tony and Steph are a great team. Both made the entire process of procuring the Nissan crewcab pleasant and stress free. Tony was not only accommodating, but enthusiastic about my plan to ride my motorcycle to their place to take ownership and was instrumental getting the bike securely loaded for the drive home. Many thanks.”



Jorge and Barbara

Going hunting in their Florida 4 x 4 mini truck van!

Hoppy, Susan, Reed Kempfer and Peggy Whaley

My wife and I purchased our HiJet Mini Truck from Mayberry Mini Trucks. What an awesome experience! The truck was delivered right to our door. Tony took the time to show us where everything is located on the truck and what to do regarding maintenance. He is very knowledgeable about these vehicles and we highly recommend Mayberry Mini Trucks. You won’t regret it! 

Jim Swallows

I am an absolute ecstatic customer! Money could not buy my mini truck!

Michael Sneed

Tony is a dependable and hard working man, that will not hesitate to stand behind what he sells.  Wish everyone was this easy to deal with and straightforward.  A++


Thanks for the information about the truck, it was really helpful and I really appreciate the professionalism of calling me to help with it. I didn’t expect a phone call with your mechanic at all, that was extremely helpful. I’ll let you know how it goes, also definitely still interested in that lift kit I’ll certainly be emailing you by the end of the month about getting one in soon. Thanks again, have a good day! 

Patrick McDonald

Tony and Stephanie at Mayberry Mini Trucks are amazing.  I watched all of Tony’s videos and when I met him in person, it was like I had known him for years.  He’s quick to respond to calls or text and really made my mini truck purchase experience perfect.  He also has a great support team that can help if you ever need any mechanical needs if any issues ever arise.  I highly recommend Mayberry Mini Trucks.  Thank You!!!!

Michael Walsh

“Good morning Tony and Stephanie!  I wanted to let you know how much Jennifer and I appreciated doing business with Mayberry Mini Trucks. You both made the buying process so very easy and straightforward. The Sambar van is great and I can’t wait to get it on the road, (my neighbors have already come over to see the “strange new van.” If I’m ever in the market for a new one of these or if I know someone else who is, you will be my first call.”

Mark and Jennifer

purchased my Mini Truck from Tony at Mayberry Mini Trucks in 2018. I did a lot of research before buying my truck. What sold me was the type of person Tony is. I could tell that I was dealing with someone I would have as a friend. Almost three years later and my Mini Truck is everything I hoped it would be and more. Any questions I’ve had regarding maintenance Tony has promptly answered. I cannot stress just how great of a guy Tony is and I highly recommend Mayberry Mini Trucks to all the people who ask me about my truck.

Zach Settewongse

I love my mini truck! 

Mr. Hot Links



I absolutely love my mini truck. Tony and Stephanie were easy to work with. This truck is perfect for what I needed it for. It’s  beneficial for my business because it gets a lot of attention. It’s amazing how much I’m saving in gas. I wouldn’t take it on the  Interstate but around town and to and from work it’s great. Mine is a 5 speed straight drive transmission. It’s fun to drive. The gates fold down on all three sides. It’s convenient to load things. The capacity is surprising for a small vehicle. It’s a great design for a work truck. I’m very happy with my purchase. 


Jonathan Williams


“I’ve been casually browsing and shopping mini trucks for nearly 2 years. None of them ever felt like the right fit. While browsing Facebook Marketplace one evening, I came across an amazing blue, DIESEL mini truck! I knew it would be the perfect tool, both around our homestead with our animals and also as a maintenance vehicle at work. Tony and Stephanie at Mayberry Mini Trucks were amazingly helpful and accommodating and a little more than a week later, they delivered it right to my door. The entire family loves it! Thank you to everyone at Mayberry Mini Trucks for the pleasant experience that helped make my dream become a reality!”


“I’ve attached a picture of my ‘new’ mini truck in action.  I bought a 125 gallon tank for it so that I can water the trees that I planted earlier this year.  The electric pump connects to the battery and pumps water through the hose.  The truck has no problem getting along between the rows of trees even with a full tank of water (about 1,000 lbs!).  I think I have used the truck every day since you and your son dropped it off.  I had a friend inquire where I got it and I gave them one of your cards—you may be hearing from them!  Thanks again for delivering the truck.  I have been super-impressed with your customer service.”
Gary Spodnick




“Thank you for the time and help!  You were all very welcoming today. I came in thinking used car dealership mode, type people, trying to cover over something from past purchase of autos. You are totally different. THANK YOU. I totally trust and respect you. I appreciate everything you have helped with and LOVE the truck. I will post a review on Facebook and Google this weekend. 5+ stars.”




“I would highly recommend them. I bought a 1993 Toyota Hilux truck from them and it was the best thing I did.  The truck runs great and had no issues.  Tony and Stephanie were very honest and told me everything about the vehicle and made the transaction seamless.”  

Thank you, Sartip




“From the first time that I contacted Mayberry Mini Trucks, I have been nothing but totally impressed by Tony and his entire team!  The honesty alone will gain me as a lifetime customer.  No slick sales tactics here. I was looking to purchase a Diesel Hilux. Tony was straightforward with me throughout the entire process. Additionally, they actually answer the phone and talk to you. Good customer service is difficult to find today.  To anyone looking to purchase a vehicle, don’t  hesitate to do business with Mayberry.  You won’t be disappointed.”


Tim McCormack

Starke, Fl.